Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5th March Double H Nurseries UK

Whilst in the UK I was fortunate to have access to the UK's largest pot plant grower and a leader in CI management. Thanks to Gary Shorland and John Miller I was able to see how they have used CI tools in the workplace.

Double H is a family business, £70 million turnover, 1.8 million Begonia plants, 2.1 million Chrysanthemums, 60,000 Poinsettia and 1.3 million Orchids. Key customers Tesco, M&S and J&S with a market share of 40% or more within these business. Double H grows the product, works on developing new packaging ideas, packs the product and trades in plants when required.

CI has been in place at Double H since 2003, they visited Toyota in 2005 and walked the TPS. In 2010 Double H employed their first CI manager from the automative sector and created Mini Businesses across the production lines.

They completed their self assessment in 2011 25.2/40 with a target of 30/40 in 2061.

What is working;
Daily Stand Meeting across 4 levels, level 2 DSM below.

5S very visible & sustainable.

Visual Management Boards
Positioned in every mini business and updated daily by teams.

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