Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3rd March 2012, UK country side

Ian Pigott, N.Sch studied methods to bridge the gap between "farmers" and the city. He developed Open Farm Sunday, resulting in over a million people not necessarily engaged with farming now being great ambassadors for our way of life.

Andrew Wolfe, Willows Farm has just been awarded the UK's most popular outdoor attraction, he shows off farm animals.

A 70 million pound turnover, 135 staff, tenant faming operation and a pernash for understanding what the customer wants and how to value add. Andrew is been able to educate over 400,000 UK citizens each year on how lambs are born, what pigs eat, where eggs come from. Very simply ideas for us but an amazing number of people who leave Willow Farm with a life time membership to the site and more knowledge. Very clever.

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