Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1st March 2012, London Leg CSC

No rest for the scholars, 11pm check in, 8.30am kick off at New Zealand House. Difficult not to be distracted by the sky line view.

A rapid introduction to what the UK Soil Association (UKSA), Wychavon Council and GM Freeze consider to be the key drivers in sustainably feeding the globe.

Emma Hockridge (UKSA) spoke to the influence pressure groups can have in changing attitudes, key success for UKSA has been the Hospital Food Program, targeted at lifting the level of food knowledge and quality in the health system.

Peter Riley, Campaign Director GM Freeze, considers the following conditions will limit our ability to feed every one;
Climate change
Ocean acidification
Ozone depletion
The leaching of nitrogen & phosphorus from the food chain
Global water use
Land use changes
Bio diversity loss
Chemical pollution &
We all need to ask "how can I change my behaviours to help us survive?"

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