Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2nd March 2012, Inspiration & Leadership

The Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, hosted the travelling scholars to a day of presentations that will remain with very scholar for life.

Steeped in history and a group of speakers who showed wisdom, reflection, courage and knowledge, all canvassing what are the attributes of great leaders.

The USA remains the global economic leader with multiple states within the US achieving GDP results greater than many nations. The leading global business are all active in products that are addictive, like tobacco, drugs, sugar & alcohol.

George Lyon MP, Angus Davidson MBE & Lance Eydensby all spoke with unbridled passion on what they consider to be great attributes of leaders.

Key message: have passion, take risks but have an exit plan, life is very busy remember to have me time, business success is hollow with out personal success.

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