Wednesday, March 14, 2012

13 March 2012, Good Bye the Ntherlands

My journey across the Northern Hemisphere is closing and I am currently preparing for the 28 hours of flying home.

Djuke,s farm shop, stable home, hospitality and fresh fruit trading operation is really amazing, thank you and best of luck with your plans.

Henke,s renovations and work with national farming groups is very impressive. His touring and introductions were really insightful, especially Lout the Dutch fruit wine grower. Thank you.

Alexander from the Lean Management Instituut has shown me many great examples of CI working and even some of the more colourful areas of Amsterdam. Thank you and best of luck with your career.

The Dutch nation are innovative, resilient, open minded, hospitable and above all keen for a great time. I have enjoyed so many memorable moments and been introduced to so many motivated business people, I only hope their thoughts and ideas can acted on. Thank you all.

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