Friday, September 28, 2012

Qatar, gate way to the Middle East

Our journey in Qatar and specifically Doha draw to a close with us saying farewell to Brenda and a quick journey to Ukraine.

The Qatar experience continues to blow our minds in terms of the countries ability to produce food, survive dust storms and the expression of such warmth in greeting us into their homes.

Over the past two days a fascinating visit through an local abattoir, feedlot and butcher has clearly shown me what Meat Livestock Australia (MLA) have been actively doing on the animal welfare front in this country. As a levy payer I was really pleased to see so much engagement with the local MLA staff and the positive impact the organisation is having in this country, congratulations a great 'good news' story.

Nick nack (Shane Fitzgerald) our Irish scholar brought with him 'murphys law'.
It has not rained in Qatar for over 365 days and today we were booked into the watch the first race of the camel cup. Luck would have it rained so hard the races were called off and many punters needed a tow to get out of the bog. Great day tho visiting a camel trainer and having avert strong tee with the family.

We will never forget Qatar for its friendly welcome smiles and hospitality, fine foods, amazing buildings and brilliant experiences. Thank you.

Location:Perimeter Rd,Doha,Qatar

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