Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clothing,sugar and coffee, what a combination

This country continues to amaze everyone on this GFP in many ways. We visited an apparel manufacturer exporting to the USA, even tried on the new New York Police uniform. Then our kind host Ramesh gave us the opportunity to partake in the traditional Indian lunch, chicken, goat, roti, rice, green tea all served on a banana leaf.

Even CI management principals were evident in these workplaces.

Ewan McAsh, oyster farmer from NSW, and myself have taken on the role of chia tea testers, big range in textures, tannins and sweetness across the districts visited, all very tasty, best example to date: state check point after descending 3000meters, in our mini bus, through 27 hair pin turns, in the dark and a tropical storm. A good tea required!


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