Thursday, September 27, 2012

India to Qatar

The contrasts between these two countries is enormous, but the common principle of feeding the less privileged brings these two countries close together.

From India to Qatar in 12 hours

Great day with our hosts Annabel and Blythe from MLA, quick introduction to Hassad Foods, their production systems, investment strategies, position on foreign investment, water security and global food supply challenges.

Before water

After water.
10 centre pivots, watering a range of forage crops for the domestic feed industry. These circles are using treated Doha water, producing 9-10 harvest per annum, yielding about 5000 kg/dm per ha per harvest. Very impressive operation turning waste water into fodder.

Plans to further expand fodder growing capacity around Doha as the city expands.

Location:Al Shamal Rd,Doha,Qatar

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