Tuesday, July 9, 2013

France 8th and 9th July

Braud New Holland, Philippe Boisseau

The opportunities continue to happen with the Nuffield Scholarship, with a  2 day internship at Braud's Coex manufacturing plant in the XX district.  During the past two days the level of detail of Brauds process has been presented and where they are achieving improvement from their CI  program, has been impressive.

Braud delivered its first self propelled harvester to the French market in 1975, in 1980 the noria bucket system was developed, in 2002 the first de-stemmer was invented and in 2010 the refinement of the de-stemmer to remove other MOG was presented to the market.  As a multiple SITEVI award winner, they have delivered some very impressive technologies to the market.

In 1984 Braud was purchased by Fiat Agri, which was later purchased by Case New Holland.  Prior to these buy outs, Bruad was a family business.  It still retains the culture of a family business, which is accredited to the staff involvement in the development of the harvesters.

Some KPI's around the grape harvester manufacture at Braud, Coex
ISO 9001,14001 & 18001 accredited, requiring every 10th unit to be QA tested for 8 hours, across 1000 elements of measure
World Class Manufacturing WCM implemented in 2008
350/mach/pa at a takt time of 4hours/mach
360 man hours/machine
220 people on Coex site
3000 individual parts/mach
15000 individual parts held for production of 450 different model options
3000 tn of steel, 3.5tn of weld & 75 tn of paint used annually

Some of the high level achievements attributed to their CI approach are;

(1) spaghetti analysis of welding station measured 285meters of wasted motion in each harvester frame, by measuring and re-designing station layout able to reduce takt time by 50%

(2) repeatable  "one point lessons" across tractor build line has delivered consistent 6% reduction in takt time per harvester

(3) reduction in supplier delivery time deviation from plan, May 2013 recorded 31% of deliveries out side plan variance, 13% late & 18% early, below trend line and KPI of 35% of all deliveries.

Some Opportunities for Improvement OFI, observed and discussed;

(1) incorporation of  external component suppliers eg auto washing, into problem resolution practices

(2) un-level production expectations for welding sections

(3) standard work practice in harvester head assembly line

(4) removal of stock from shopping aisles that are required for different models

(5) clipping of low hanging waste opportunities eg nuts,bolts,oil, filters, time.

A very education and informative two days, thanks to Phillip and the crew for spending the time with me.  Merci 

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