Sunday, January 15, 2012

What are Continuous Improvement Management Systems

Continuous Improvement in the vineyards is all about developing a culture of improvement that relies on empowering our team to take ownership of their work through; leadership; standard processes and procedures; and respect for people's capabilities, by recognising their contribution & developing their skills, with the ultimate objective,  to add value to the customer, in a sustainable manner.

To achieve these objectives, tools and behaviours that have been developed to achieve this, the top 5 that we are focusing on in our vineyards are: Leadership & Structure, Problem Solving, Standard Work, Visual Workplace with our team who are at the heart of our business.

Leadership & Structure
The leadership and structure is the primary foundation for the continuous improvement system, in the vineyards this means defining objectives that add value to our customer and building a structure that checks our progress against the objectives, daily.

Problem Solving
Problem solving is the second foundation of continuous improvement. It follows W.Edwards Demming’s Plan Do Check Act cycle (PDCA) and use the 3A templates to assist in understanding the problem.

Standard Work Practices
Standard work is considered to be another brick in our foundations of continuous improvement. It is relevant to our vineyard operations because its objective is to achieve a quality output of a process, consistently.  This can be achieved by the vineyard team developing SWP, that reflect the actual operation, based on operational experience.

Visual Workplace
Visual management simply sets a visual standard so that we are able to recognise were we are eroding value to our customer.

Over the course of the next 12 months I will looking at businesses who are achieving results that contribute to financial returns above their peers and who have a work team focused on improvement.


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